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We are excited to offer you the    opportunity to become a member of our

trail   horse riding club. No  matter where you live in Australia 

you   are    invited  to sign up and be part of the fun!

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Horses for Courses for Bush Kids are proud to introduce the H4C Trail Horse Riders Club. Some time ago we identified a need for a member based club specifically for rural, regional and remote horse riders who are looking to be a part of a social, non-competitive equestrian club.

H4C Trail Horse Riders is a volunteer run club based in Alice Springs. We are a Horses for Courses initiative, affiliated with the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association. We accept members from all over Australia connecting horse enthusiasts of all abilities and ambitions through trail riding opportunities and adventures, focusing on social, environmental, equine and human health & wellbeing. We provide an opportunity for riders to make new friends and foster a special bond with their horse all whilst being out in Mother Nature exploring and appreciating our rural and remote backyards.

The objectives of the club are to enjoy, promote and publicise the recreational values of horse riding along nature trails,

H4C Trail Horse Riders was established during the thick of the Covid19 Pandemic when we all craved social outings, when Town and Country were aligned by the feelings of social isolation through physical distancing.


H4C Trail Horse Riders aims:

• To organize trail rides in Central Australia and other districts;

• To encourage family participation in non-competitive horse riding;

• To foster awareness of the usefulness and abilities of the horse;

• To encourage horse riders in the protection and conservation of the native Australian flora and fauna;

• To co-operate with others in the setting up and maintenance of trails;

• To foster in horse riders and Australians generally, an awareness of road and other safety rules with regard to horse riding and

• To collaborate with our affiliate body to bring Australian Trail Horse Riders Association (ATHRA) benefits to our members.

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