Horses for Courses Ride for

Bush Kids !

Join us on this Epic Annual Horse Ride through the West MacDonnell National Park. 

 5 days & 5 nights camping under the Stars!

4 - 9 October, 2020.

Horses for Courses for Bush Kids uses the platform of Horses to Raise Awareness of Issues facing Aussie Bush Kids and their Families including:

~ Social isolation implications effecting mental health, social and emotional well-being 

~ Educational inequities including distance education challenges & boarding school blues 

~ Insufficient access to healthcare & specialist services

~ Inadequate access to reliable services such as telecommunication & road networks

~ and the pressures which come from climatic uncertainties, unrelenting drought, unpredictable floods!


For geographically isolated children, the Annual H4C Charity Ride for Bush Kids is a whole lot more than just raising's a rare opportunity to create lasting bonds of friendship and lifelong memories in a unique social setting. 5 fabulous days, riding through the Magnificent Tjoritja/West MacDonnell Ranges, camping under the stars and just being kids! 

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