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‘Raising Awareness of issues facing Rural and Remote Families through

programs and projects benefiting Aussie Bush Kids’


Horses for Courses for Bush Kids is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation that uses horses as a platform to enable the formation of life-long connections of friendship for Rural, Regional and Remote kids. We are focused on raising awareness of the adverse issues families face when raising children in the bush and taking action to alleviate some of these. 

Our Strategic Objectives include:

~ Camps: Alleviate the effects of:

          * Social isolation through opportunities for social connectedness fostering healthy emotional and mental health and well-being 

~ Advocacy: Raising awareness of and advocating for the improvement of:

          * Equitable access to education & remote Tertiary and University Study opportunities. Educational inequities including distance education challenges & boarding school blues are a constant issue for bush kids.

          * Access to reliable, year-round services including telecommunication connectivity, all weather roads, healthcare and medical services; Adequate services to sustain connection for education, social, health and business requirements for families living in the bush. 

          * Pressures associated with climatic uncertainties, unrelenting drought, unpredictable floods and devastating fires; we also create a safe community to support families facing tough times in the bush.

~ Partnerships:

          * Remote access to healthcare professionals & specialist diagnosis services; we connect bush families with organisations bringing access to medical services and healthcare through telehealth for the bush.

​Horses for Courses for Bush Kids runs programs creating opportunities for rural, regional and remote children to come together is a social environment. For some bush kids, it can be months between catch up’s with kids of the same age. We create opportunities for kids to make lasting friendships and lifelong memories in fun social settings.

If you'd like to donate to this great cause you can learn more here

Click here to read more about the programs, Horses for Courses for Bush Kids runs throughout the year. 

H4C Proudly Partners with:

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