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The H4C Bush Kids Adventure is a program run between Horses for Courses for Bush Kids and Victorian Horseman Jon Dowdle. This joint project was born from a passion to give Geographically Isolated kids an opportunity to travel to the high country for the adventure of a lifetime.

Through the program, bush kids and city kids will be given opportunities to learn about the lifestyle of the other. Making friends in a social environment and learning about the adversity's of remote living which also includes where their food and fibre come from.

The H4C Bush Kids Adventure will see bush kids from around Australia travel to the Snowy Mountains to follow in the tracks of The Man from Snowy River and Ned Kelly. The program is set to run bi-annually, focusing on creating friendships, connecting kids and fostering a greater understanding of issues impacting families in the bush.


Throughout the program, kids will be introduced to pioneering Mountain Cattleman legends, Ned Kelly historians and Man from Snowy River film stars. The adventure will see them guided through Snowy Mountain horse riding tracks and visiting iconic places such as the King Billy Tree and Craig's Hut (from the Movie; The Man from Snowy River)

Alice Springs School of the Air (NT) and Merrigij Primary School (VIC) principals have both indicated a keen interest in host a video link for the extend student body of each school, through an Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) lesson. This will enable Vic students to experience first hand how Bush Kids receive their school lessons each day.

Through the shared love of horses, friendships will be formed and kids from seamingly converse backgrounds will form lifelong bonds.

Registrations for the 2022 event are now Closed!

Please follow our Facebook Page for News about next years event!

If you'd like to make a donation or be involved through sponsorship of this program please click on the donate tab below.

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