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H4C Charity Ride for Bush Kids

The annual Horses for Courses Charity Ride for Bush Kids takes place in Central Australia riding through the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges or Tjoritja in Arrernte. Participants camp under the stars for five fantastic nights from Sunday to Friday. There are exciting afternoon activities each day including learning bush survival techniques, boot-scooting/line dancing sessions, campfire sing-alongs, bush poetry evenings, wildlife talks, art sessions, horse husbandry and horse riding tips. 

The H4C Charity Ride for Bush Kids is for everyone - adults & kids from all equestrian backgrounds no matter where you live in Australia. If you want to ride through a land as old as time, rich in pioneering history and indigenous culture while raising funds for a worthy cause, then this ride is for you! 


​Raising awareness of the issues facing Aussie bush kids and their families is what we’re all about. Closing the divide between our city and country cousins through story telling is what this ride offers. Come and join in the adventure and take a yarn from the bush home with you to share with family and friends.

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